Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Achievements

To celebrate his birthday, Teddy started sitting up. He is now able to support himself in a sitting position for a few seconds (too short to catch in a photo,) and then he props himself up on his hands, and can sit like that for a fairly long time:

He is very pleased with himself, and so are we!

Matilda and Philip helped make jelly fo Teddy's birthday, and he also had a cake.

What do you think he thinks of his cake?

Come on Daddy, get on with it!

Now, one of Teddy's challenges is eating. He seems to need his food to be smooth, and of a certain consistency... Too thick and he chokes, too runny and he can't figure out how to move it in his mouth and swallow it. We've been trying quite hard to find food that Teddy will eat, and his solids diet is still pretty limited.

On his birthday, however, we had a breakthrough.

This is Teddy's cake face:

The important thing in this picture, is that his mouth stays carefully closed. Teddy appreciated his cake so much, he wouldn't risk losing a mouthful. What you can't see is that he actually made chewing movements, and swallowed bite after bite of sponge cake. Result!

Here's another shot of the cake face:

So starting today, we're taking a different approach to feeding... Trying actual bits of (soft) food. Here is a video of Teddy trying some jelly, and some buttered bread. Make sure you watch it all the way, it gets really funny at the end.

I love this close up of Teddy's eyes... You can see their beautiful shape, and his Brushfield spots (the star-burst pattern around his iris... fairly common in people with Down's syndrome, and absolutely gorgeous!)

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