Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A day in the life

I do love being able to post photos of all the family again! :)
So please allow me to indulge in a photo overload...

Matilda showing off her toesies:

And being a mermaid:

Philip and Bingo come face to face (through a car window.)

The days are getting colder, and Teddy needs to wrap up warm to go out:

If anyone doubts that this baby loves his big sister, here is some proof:

Take One:

Take Two:

Could I BE more excited?

Oh no! The Paparazzi!

Quick! Look modest!

Bingo is growing up...

A chance meeting; a story in pictures:

You look nice!

I wonder if...

You taste nice too!

I challenge anyone to see these cheeks and not want to kiss them.

Not as innocent as he looks...

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