Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year!`

This Year:


*Got taken out of school and is being home educated. She's doing really well with it, and is learning lots. We're planning to put her back in school either next year or the year after, but for the moment she seems to be doing better at home. She is reading amazingly fluently (this was always her strong point,) and her writing (which was always her weakest point) has improved a lot, going from almost illegible to pretty neat IF I sit there and supervise her when she is writing. (Left to her own devices she gets lazy *L*)

*Started swimming lessons and got her first "Ducklings" certificate.

*Has also joined Girls Brigade.

*Learned to play well with dogs and to not be scared of them (and so did Philip!)

Recent Matilda-isms and favourite expressions:

After finishing her lunch, she wanted some of mine:
Me: Matilda, you already had your lunch. This is mine. It's not fair if you eat my food, I'll be hungry.
Matilda: But mummy, I'm little and I need to grow. You're big, you don't need to grow.

Often heard in our house these days: "Carolyn! I ADORE Carolyn!" (Or whatever/whoever she's talking about. Adore is her new favourite word.


* Is due to start school this September. I can't believe it's time already!

* Went from being terrified of dogs despite my best efforts (stopping random strangers with dogs on the street and fussing over their pets, arranging to tag along when friends walked their dogs etc,) to happily approaching and stroking quite large dogs, thanks to Bingo!

* Perfected the art of washing his own hands. He has a little poem/mantra that he tells to himself out loud while he's doing it. It's very cute.

*This year Philip was also diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. He was (finally!)being assessed for a speech delay. I have to say that we are quite ambivalent about the diagnosis. Although Philip definitely needs support with his speech, and he does have some "autistic type" quirks, He can generally get around them quite easily with some support, he is imaginative, plays pretending games, shares jokes with us, is very sociable and cuddly etc... It just doesn't sound like it. I honestly haven't found Philip any more challenging to parent, take out or generally live with than Matilda, and in a lot of ways he is actually easier than her. But on the other hand, having a diagnosis means that he gets speech therapy and extra support so whatever. They can diagnose him with Green Kangaroo syndrome if that gets him what he needs ;)

*As part of the assessment Philip had to have a hearing test (his hearing is fine by the way.) Philip hates having things in his ears, and he had a huge meltdown at the clinic. We had to re-book the hearing test. For the second one, we prepaired with some basic training. POhilip would get a bite of chocolate every time he let me look in his ears. Within two days he would walk up to me and say "Mummy, do you want to look in my ears now?" Hearing test worked like a charm the second time, needless to say. When I told Teddy's portage worker about it, she laughed a lot and said nothing that happens in our house surprises her any more. I take that as a compliment ;)


*Teddy has started babbling. He can say "a-da-da-da," "ma-ma-ma-ma" and "Buh-buh". He is generally much more aware of his environment.

*He will reach out to us when he wants to be picked up.

*He can now push himself up to his hands and knees. Only for a few seconds, but it's progress!

* He has four teeth! Two at the bottom, one at the top and a stray molar that appeared out of nowhere *LOL*


* The pictures speak for themselves I think.

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Emma said...

Your children are gorgeous! My beautiful son has aspergers (also discovered with delayed speech) and I find him easy, loving, sociable and funny (and easier than a lot of other children I know!) :D He has his moments and I adapt a lot for him, but hey, thats life! :oD I also home educated him for a time and he flourished! Great stuff!