Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bird Spotting

Somewhere in the deepest amazon rainforest lives an incredible bird. It looks just like a toucan, but it has a branch growing out of its neck, to carry its babies on. A bit like the birdy version of a kangaroo. No one had ever seen that bird until a tireless five and a half year old explorer from Devon, England descovered it in February 2011. Matilda named her discovery "The Carry Pan Toucan."

Me: Matilda, how many chicks does the Cary Pan Toucan have?
Matilda: 100 and 100!
Me: That's a bit too many... It wouldn't be able to carry them all, or sit on all those eggs to hatch them.
Matilda: But Mummy, didn't you know, it's a VERY FAT creature! A bit like you...
Me: ...........

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