Thursday, February 03, 2011

Oops, I did it again!

After living for five and a half years without a rabbit, clearly the devastation Nanoo wrecked in our house has faded from my mind. This is Podge:

I rehomed him a couple of days ago when his owner couldn't keep him. He looks so much like Nanoo that I couldn't resist. One look at his little face and it was love...

Luckily, there are certain crucial differences between Podge and Nanoo:

a. Podge is a boy. Apparently (although it woudln't have made a difference since I had no idea if Nanoo was a boy or girl when I got her,) male bunnies are significantly less hormonal, territorial and all around grumpy. At least this one is! And he is already over a year old, so there is little chance that he'll change when puberty hits. Actually, Podge has already demonstrated his good nature: He was completely unpertrubed during the car ride home (Nanoo would be thumping and letting everyone know just how much she doesn't want to be in the car.) He let the cats sniff him (they weren't that interested,) and let the dog sniff him (he was VERY interested! And a bit scared -the dog, that is. Podge was cool as a cucumber.) and even lick him. He let the kids hold and stroke him. Nanoo would have shredded anyone who thought they could make her sit on a lap to ribbons, and would have had a major fit at the thought of letting another animal get near her. In fact, she did.

b. Podge is a mini lop. Nanoo was probably part mini lop, but I strongly suspect the other part was badger (since she matched badgers in both size and territoriality... territorialness... terrototalness... Anyway, some respect for the dead please! Sheesh!) Podge is about the size that Nanoo was as a baby, and will stay that size.

c. Since Podge is not only significantly smaller that Nanoo, but has also spent his life living in a hutch so far, I will keep him in a rabbit cage (I will! I promise!) and let him out for cuddles and excersise instead of letting him roam free around the house.

Podge after dismounting Coldy, the toy cat Matilda sleeps with. The two got aquainted erm... intimately. At least Podge has the sense to look embarassed.

Podge has also broken the tradition of naming all our pets after games. (Domino, Scrabble, Bingo...) I did toy (heheheh... she said toy!) with calling him Boggle or Twister, but really, he is a Podge.

In other news, Philip was ill last week... Luckily, Nurse Binki took good care of him:

Finally, you will probably notice the title of the blog has changed. (Go on... scroll up now! I won't tell anyone!) "Matilda's Journal" stopped fitting almost 4 years ago, when Philip was added to the family, and 3 children, 2 cats, 1 dog and 1 rabbit later, I finally felt guilty enough to change it.

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