Monday, February 07, 2011

Princess Stinky Stinks Again!

Last night we were playing with Matilda's hair, putting curly-wurlies in it (I believe that's the technical term, no?) Of course, Philip wanted to join in. So he got two pigtails and he was very excited about them. He was jumping up and down and saying he looks like Danny (Danni? A little girl from nursery he's friends with.) Here he is with his piggy-tails... I'm sorry Pip, you'd make a terrible cross-dresser. I still think he has a very boyish face even with pigtails and a necklace (and the occasional nail polish...Shhhh. It's blue nail polish so that makes it ok!)

This morning we took the curly-wurlies off and Matilda got curly hair:

I think I might try it some time! Until then, I'll just make do with Matilda's cat-eat hair clips. (They're Matilda's right? I just want to make that clear. And I have ever, never wore them outside. Nope, not once.)

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