Friday, March 25, 2011

A day in the life...

Just a few happenings taking place in our house in the past few days:

1. Schrodinger's Scrabble

Our house is over 4 levels... This means that often one will go several hours without seeing one or the other family member (or pet.) Generally, I assume that the missing creature is holed up playing (or taking a nap) and only go looking if it's feeding time, or on occasion follow the sound of screams coming from somewhere up the stairs. So when I didn't notice Scrabble slinking around during the day I... well... didn't notice. When Scrabble failed to show up when I opened the fridge I was only mildly perplexed. It was only later that night, when Peter was putting Teddy to bed that he heard the meows and discovered Scrabble shut in a box and shoved under the bunkbeds.
After a brief investigation it transpired that Philip was playing Hide and Seek with the cat... And got bored of seeking, presumably. We don't know how long Scrabble was in the box, but it must have been long enough, because he had gone to the toilet in there...
Result: Philip had a VERY stern talking to and I had to give the cat a bath at 22:00 last night.

2. A Concerned Sister

Conversation: Note, These are EXACTLY the words Matilda used. That's how she talks. She reads a lot of books.

Me: Matilda, have you seen Philip?
Matilda: No... I hope I wasn't too hard on the poor little guy.
Me: Why, what did you do to him?
Matilda: I accidentally slapped him a few times.

(Well, as long as she didn't do it on purpose....)

Brief Freudian Interlude...

3. We're Not Fussy!

The signs of doggy adolescence that Bingo has been displaying for some time have come to a head last week, when he began courting Domino. And by courting I mean sexually harrassing. Or, as Matilda puts it, "Bingo wants to have puppies with Domino!" Biiig Mistake, mate! The Vet has now been called, and an operation booked for next Tuesday. Chop Chop!

Bingo taking one last commemorative photograph of the family jewels:

4. Keeping the Help Happy:

Taken place while I was typing this post:

Matilda: I'm going to the toilet! When I get back, I want to see breakfast waiting on the table! If you don't....
Me: *clearing throat menacingly*
Matilda: Err... If you do... You will get something that you like.
(Slightly better, but you will have to be more specific than that...)

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Kris said...

I used to follow your blog years ago, when Philip was a tiny baby, about the same time my Robin was a wee little bairn too. for some reason, I've been mooching around old RSS feeds and the back end of Google (that sounds terribly bad) and rediscovered your blog.

And now I've finished crying with laughter over Schrodinger's Scrabble and the Freudian photograph, I just wanted to say hi! :) And thank you for cheering my afternoon up so much. Teddy is adorable too, btw!