Monday, August 01, 2011

What we've been up to

Matilda lost her first tooth:

Unfortunately she was deep in her imagination at the time so she just took it out of her mouth and threw it away without even realising (clearly a child of mine.)
Luckily the Tooth Fairy was understanding after Matilda wrote an explanatory letter:

Matilda quote of the day: "Luckily my other tooth is wobbly now so I'll get more money soon!"

Philip went for his first taster session at school. But not before a very successful (if I say so myself) photo sitting!

"Enough photos now, please!"

Teddy has been practising how to take turns in polite conversation:

And Bingo had his first birthday!

Somebody call my name?

This looks yummy!

What do you mean "Blow the candle?"

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