Friday, August 24, 2012

Tutorial: Bathing your Mouse in the Sink

For all of my readers who have spent years wondering how to give their Mouse a bath in the bathroom sink, I've put together some step-by-step instructions. I hope you find them helpful :)

1. Fill the sink with warm water. Strip your Mouse and wet her head. Pause to give her some kisses.

2. Massage shampoo in your Mouse's hair. Enjoy her reaction. Pause to give her some more kisses.

3. Rinse. Be careful not to drown your Mouse! Kiss her wet nose when you're done.

4. Now immerse your Mouse in the warm water. Make sure to keep her head out. This will keep her airways open, and also provide you with a handy area of skin to kiss!

5. Give your Mouse a good rub. Don't forget to clean the fluff between her toes to keep them extra kissable.

6. Pour some warm water over your Mouse's body to keep her warm. We advise you to refrain from kissing her during this stage, as it may lead to coughing.

7. When you have finished cleaning her, wrap your Mouse in a dry towel. You can take advantage of  the time she needs to dry to give her the kisses she missed during step 7.

8. This is a tricky step. Put a nappy on your Mouse BEFORE you kiss her. Lots of novice Mouse owners forget this crucial bit of advice, but hopefully you can learn from our mistakes.

9. There. Now kiss away.

10. Put some clothes on your Mouse. Decide she looks adorable and kiss her some more.

11. Tada! Congratulate yourself on having such a clean and well dressed Mouse.


ana rabade said...

Please,please,please! Give her some more kisses on my behalf! :o)

Kryssa said...

Ok...I wanna kiss her too...Can I? Please please please oh pretty please???

Mrs Wibbs said...

LOOOOOOVE this, Anna!!!!!

William Braylen said...

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