Friday, May 24, 2013

The Joy of Cake

Why is this cake not in my stomach yet? :(

 photo bday2_zpsf4a0142c.jpg

Stop that singing and feed me aleady!

 photo bday3_zps25bc40a4.jpg

Hey, where did that breeze come from?

 photo bday4_zps4ca12354.jpg

Ah, that's better...

 photo bday5_zps1db466c6.jpg

I'm a dainty, precious princess. Falalalala.

 photo bday6_zps9e86ea92.jpg

All gone!

 photo bday7_zps406345c5.jpg

Time for the second course.

 photo bday8_zpsf0bc81ba.jpg

Hey, a Mouse needs food to grow strong and big(ish!)

 photo bday9_zps953fe719.jpg


cptrev said...

Wow, you're as great a writer as I recalled. Congrats on your (now big) little one. The birth story kept me reading like it was a book. Hope all is well.
Best regards,
Brad (from goand.)

Tilly Cat & Pip-Squeak said...

Awww thanks! And -hey you :) How are things? :)